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Lashextensions Hawaii Spa

Lash extension

3D Lash extensions
Volume Lash
Hawaii Spa Lash
Hawaii Spa Lash Extensions
         Air Sable
single Application

Combination of Single Lash and Volume Lash

Natural (45 minutes)      

40 lashes per eye                    $112                                         

Full (1 hour)

60 lashes per eye                          $168                                        

More than 60 lashes per eye          $168〜

 ($1.4 per lash)                                           

 * Custom Design Lash   additional  $20 



Single Lash Basic Style  

(Out side work, if 50% fallout extensions, it will be at normal price)

$70 (Within 2weeks Up to 60 of lash fill)

$80  (Within 3weeks Up to 70 of lash fill)

*Design Retouch will be additional           $10


(Special deal)

3D Multi extensions placed onto the single lash      

                                                   10 multi lashes   $24

4D Extensions per natural lash                                

                                                   10 multi lashes    $36

                   2~6 D Volume Lash

Multi extensions placed onto the single lash

2〜3D 80 multiple Volume lash       

                                  Start from: $200~

4〜6D 80 multiple Volume lash

                                  Start from $250~ 


Color Extension $2 per lash

Color Lash
Hawaii Spa 3D Lash


Single Lash                    $30

Volume Lash                 $50

Lash Extension

Tax and gratuity is not included

All prices and services are subject to change without notice.

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