Lash extension

         Air Sable
single Application

Combination of Single Lash and Volume Lash

Natural (Harf hour)

30 lashes per eye                    $84


Medium (45 minutes)      

40 lashes per eye                    $112                                         

Full (1 hour)

60 lashes per eye                          $168                                        

More than 60 lashes per eye          $168〜

 ($1.4 per lash)                                           

 * Custom Design Lash   additional  $20 



Single Lash Basic Style  

(Out side work, if 50% fallout extensions, it will be at normal price)

$70 (Within 2weeks Up to 60 of lash fill)

$80  (Within 3weeks Up to 70 of lash fill)

*Design Retouch will be additional           $10


Color Extension $2 per lash

(Special deal)

3D Multi extensions placed onto the single lash      

                                                   10 multi lashes   $24

4D Extensions per natural lash                                

                                                   10 multi lashes    $36

                   2~6 D Volume Lash

Multi extensions placed onto the single lash

2〜3D                                Start from: $320~

4〜6D                               $430~ 


Volume Lash Retouch:

2~3D                                     Start from: $128~

4~6D                                                          $144~                                                              


Single Lash                    $30

Volume Lash                 $50

Lash Extension

Tax and gratuity is not included

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