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Hawaii Licensed Esthetic Beauty Instructor

Hawaii licensed Esthetician

Hawaii Licensed Massage Therapist

Hawaii Licensed Nail Technician

Hawaii Licensed Tattoo Artist

Lash Extensions, Spa Training
Facial Class
Esthetic Etsuyo
  Etusyo Sold
    Hawaii Spa Owner
Lash Extension Single application
Group lesson 15 h    $1,00 + Tax
private lesson 10 h   $ 1,300 + Tax
Hawaii Spa Owner Etsuyo

Etsuyo studied esthetic in Japan for 3 years, 32 years ago. Including  learning basic fashion and total beauty trend and technique. She is also licensed as a substitute vocational school teacher in Japan.

After graduating from vocational school, she advanced to be a professional model for many fashion magazines and TV shows.


Etsuyo moved to Hawaii in 1997.

Her career started in Hawaii as a beauty adviser for CHANEL. Moving to Hawaii gave her a lot of opportunities to further build her career. She took a lot of training from many various countries and instructors as she continued her education. 

She also had a very successful experience working at the Hotel spa in Waikiki for about 6 years. Responsible for training and supervised new estheticians.

Furthering her education she became a licensed beauty instructor in Hawaii, She was teaching esthetic at a Dermalogica partnership International esthetic school.

Her passion for esthetic is ongoing and growing, now she opened her own spa. She is highly skilled at what she does, excellent customer service, and creating a pleasant relaxing environment for her customers.

She is providing a variety of services and advance facial treatments. Education based on achievements and certificates from Bali Indonesia Thailand, Korea, Japan and USA.

She is  offering Lash Extensions class and spa training for enhanced education and training to licensed esthetician.


  • About  Lash Extension

  • Supplies

  • Health and Safety

  • Step of application

  • Knowledge of lash glue

  • Knowledge of remover

  • Design

  • Consultation

  • Setting Preparation

  • How to use tweezers

  • Pre cleanse

  • taping

  • Application for J curl and C curl

  • Remove

  • Repair& Touch ups

Spa Training

Esthetic Skill up Training available!

We can customize per your need.

  • Basic cleanse with towel work

  • Men's Facial

  • Micro ermablasions

  • Eye Treatment

Massage Etsuyo
Facial Education
  • Subject to change without notice

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