Every each menu has different method of facial massage.


Cell Renewal Facial


Cell renewal    level 5 60 minutes   $100  

Cell renewal   level 10  60 minutes   $120

Cell renewal  level 15   60 minutes   $140








Pre Wedding Package Special


Facial & Back Treatment  90 minutes $ 180

50minutes brightning oxygen infusion facial & 40 minutes back facial


(This treatment design before your wedding. Brighten up your skin and back.

Include full facial wit oxygen infusion ,back exfoliation, back massage, back mask and hand care).




Facial 50   50 minutes $ 90


This basic facial includes: Cleansing, exfoliation, a

neck and face massage, mask, serums, moisturizers

and sun block. Our Esthetician will select products,

according to your needs.

                Anti-age, hydration or sensitive 

                (It does not include Extraction)


Euro Organic Facial    50 minutes $ 90


Experience the organic and indigenous ingredients of plants and fruit from the Hungary nourishes the skin to promote a healthy and vital appearance.

(It does not include Extraction )

Bright Eyes Facial      50 minutes $90

special treatment for the eye area. Included gentle eye exfoliation, special eye

massage and mask.

Micro Current Eye Lift and Iontophresis Facial    50 minutes  $160

Focus on eye area. Include gentle exfoliation,  Micro current eye lift, Vitamin C Iontophresis, eye  mask. Minimizes the appearance of fine line, puffines, and dark circles.

Anti Aging Lift Up Facial    50 minutes     $ 170

Cooperating with LED light therapy. LED is a low- energy, non- ablative device that emits an exact wavelenght into the skin to stimulate and energize cellular activity.

French Aroma Facial      50 minutes    $ 180


Experience the relaxing benefit of French aroma therapy treatment. Balance and regenerate your skin.( extraction is included)



Galvanic facial    70 minutes $ 180

(Included : Galvanic Desincrustation and Iontophoresis )


Galvanic Facial treatment involves the use of a

low- level of direct current. It’s help improved

circulation. Apply Vitamin C Serum, gets better

products penetration. Desincrustation performed

prior to manual extraction. This prepares the skin

for safe, painless and successful removal of comedones and micro comedones. Include: a skin cleansing, exfoliation, Desincrustatin,extraction, Iontophoresis, lifting facial massage, Hydrating mask, moisturizers and sun block.



Microdermabrasion with Hydrating mask     50 minutes $ 110

The gentle spray of microcrystals help eliminate or improve skin conditions. Removing the thicker, uneven outer layer. This treatment help minimalise fine wrinkles, age spots, clogged pores, skin texture problems.

Microdermabrasion only    30 minutes $90


Microdermabrasion with Oxygen Infusion     40 minutes    $170

Includes: a skin cleansing, Microdermabrasion, Oxygen Infusion with Hydrating serum,Hydrating mask, moisturizers and sun block.

Hydration Facial with Oxygen Infusion    60 minutes $180


Specially design for the dehydrated skin.

The oxygen molecules are absorbed into skin

where they attach themselves to collagen and

elastin fibers. Help hydrates the skin and this

antibacterial properties, good for acne skin.

( Extraction is not included)


Hawaii Spa Signature Lifting Facial and Oxgen infusion

                                   80 minutes $250

This lifting and firming facial stimulate skin, rejuvenate and prevent premature aging. A neck, shoulder, arm, hand and scalp massage are performed. The oxygen Facial helps reduce inflammation, hydrates the skin and helps to restore oxygen from premature aging, stress and smoking. Oxygen’s treatment has antibacterial properties, good for acne clients. Includes: a skin cleansing, exfoliation, Galvanic desincrustation, extraction, special firming and lifting facial massage, Hydrating Gold mask, Oxygen Infusion, moisturizers and sun block.



Micro Current    60 minutes $ 150

(12 sessions recommended for optimum results.)

This treatment help Re-education our facial muscles,

Lymphatic drainage, building collagen and elastin

fibers. Facial Sculpting is a technique that uses a safe

micro current electrical energy to stimulate and

exercise all facial tissues through specifically designed

wands, and Chinese Acupuncture methods. 






Micro Glove Facial lift treatment    60 minutes $ 110


Using micro current electrical energy that increasing

blood flow and help tightening face.

On the average 10 to 15 treatments may be needed to

achieve maximum benefit. (extraction is not included)

Mini Facial   25 minutes $50


Quick facial included Facial cleanse, Facial massage, Mask and moisturizer.

Men's Facial   50 minutes $95


Deep cleans facial include cleanse, scrub, extraction, face massage mask.

Additional Services: 


Manual Extraction:  10 minutes $10

Galvanic desincrustation:  15 minutes $20


Anti-Aging Eye Treatment   5 minutes $10


Feet Massage:  10 minutes $15

Hand Paraffin:   20/ Deluxe $ 25


Infrared  Body Mat: 30 minutes $35


Aroma Scalp Massage   10 minutes $25

Facial Peel

Multivitamin Peel      50 minutes $ 100

    (Skin Type: Dry, Sun damaged, Mature or prematurely –aging skin)  

Oil-soluble form of vitamin C chemical peel to help reduce the

appearance of fine line and wrinkles by environmental exposure. Combination of Lactic Acid and Salicylic Acid 15%


Image Skin Care Signature face lift      30 minutes $70       

  (Skin type: Redness, dry/dehydrated)

Vitamin C and fruit enzymes blended in aloe vera base with anti-inflammatory botanicals to reduce redness, Hyaluronic acid adds moisture to dry/dehydrated skin.

Before                  After

One time after treatment

Using Japanese method to help reduce the fine line , wrinkles and dark spots.

Tax and gratuity is not included

All prices and services are subject to change without notice

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